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You know the feeling - pain in the mouse arm radiating all the way to your back? It's the equivalent of tennis elbow for people working at computer workstations. A mouse pad with an integrated wrist rest relieves the strain on your mouse hand and also your back because then you are no longer in a tensed-up position.

  • Memory foam adapts to fit the shape of your wrist during use perfectly to prevent wrist pain
  • Padding reduces pressure points and therefore prevents pain in the wrist
  • Mouse pad with ergonomic wrist rest ensures comfort and stability


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Part of an ergonomic workspace

The right mouse pad

Your wrist hurts, you ache from your arm all the way to your back? It’s hard to believe that a tiny trigger can be the cause – your computer mouse! Workspace ergonomics involves more than just the correct position of the desk and office chair: There are many small things that play an equally important role. When you are at your computer – whether in the office, at home or on the go – you hold your mouse in your hand all day. Check your posture from your fingers to your back. Bent and knotted? Then it’s high time for an ergonomic mouse pad, in order to relieve stress on tensed muscles and tendons.

Ergonomic mouse pad

Goodbye mouse arm

Many mouse pads embellish the desk with colourful motifs that help get creativity flowing. But all this comes to nothing if you are all knotted up and, in the end, get a headache and are far from your creative self. Normal, flat mouse pads often increase cramp in the wrist – the result: tendonitis and the widely known ‘mouse arm’ (the medical term is ‘repetitive strain injury syndrome’), caused by many small, identical movements. With our ergonomic mouse pad, you switch to a healthier life: No tension arises and you can do your work with a relaxed shake of the wrist. What’s special about our ‘Ergonomic’ mouse pad is the padded elevation for the wrist rest. Your wrist is supported by the hand rest, so that it cannot bend and stays in a natural, straight position. In addition, the thick, comfortable padding and the memory foam filling reduce pressure points and associated pains in the wrist, which in the worst case can spread all the way to the back. The non-slip, rubberised bottom gives stable support to the mouse and hand, so that once again you stay in a comfortable position.

Cleanliness makes you feel good

A pleasant workspace where you feel comfortable and like to work is also a clean workspace. Greasy, stained mouse pads have no place there. The robust fabric surface of our mouse pad with hand rest can be cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth, so that no greasy marks will spoil your lovely new, ergonomic workspace.

Always keep moving

Besides using ergonomic work tools, you can also do something yourself to ensure that mouse arm doesn’t strike. Practise hand exercises: Take your hand away from the mouse more frequently, move and stretch your fingers, rotate your wrist in a circular motion. If you keep your mouse as close to the body as possible – in other words, minimum stretching in the crook of the arm – you are likewise doing something for good posture at the workspace.