Style your phone with the Design Line

Trendy. Stylish. Modern. Cool cases and covers for your smartphone with the Design Line

Candy, Blurred Lines, Boho – this is the sound of the summer with our new Design Line 2016 smartphone accessories. Just as the names are suggestive, the stylish design of the cases and covers evokes an image, a time or place. ‘Hama goes Fashion’ enters the second round with new trends in light, airy colours and patterns – perfect for a free and easy lifestyle. From cheerful to graphic to hippie – lifestyle and design come together.


Candy Rain

As fresh and cheerful as a summer shower – this is the style of the hard cover with a fun dot design and coloured corners in soft pink or green. The rubber finish feels just as pleasant as summer rain – the name Candy Rain fits perfectly!

Life is a sweet medley.
Enjoy it and delight in beauty.

Candy Drops

A colourful sweet shop – this is what the style of the booklet cover, with pastel pink or green on the front, evokes. The rear hits the mark in its own right. You can fit your essentials in the pocket – more is not needed for a light and breezy day. The outer material feels just as tantalising as a delicate, melt-in-your-mouth sweet – the name Candy Drops is entirely appropriate!

Your outfit scores you points.
Your style impresses.

Boho Circle

Light, delicate hippie style, which transports you to the beaches in Ibiza and Goa – this is what the booklet cover with a Boho design and transparent rear promises. The pocket is big enough for everything you need when dancing on the beach on a mild, moonlit night. The outer material feels just as delicate and light – this is Boho all-round!

Your style is an expression of your personality.
You love trends.
You love special things.

Boho Dream

A light summer breeze blows through your hippie dress – the hard cover with a light and airy Boho design in soft pink goes fantastically well. The pleasant rubber finish is also very delicate. The look and feel of the product is definitely Boho!

You have your goals in sight
and your dreams in your heart.

Boho Dance

Dance freely to your heart’s content on the hippie beach – a hard cover with a transparent Boho design goes wonderfully well. Light, airy, very delicate – that’s Boho!

Turn up the music.
Let us dance into the summer rapturously.

Boho Spirit

I wanna be a hippie – no hard cover expresses this in a better way than this bright blue boho style. Completely free, completely light – that’s how feels the rubber finish of the surface - completely Boho from the rear to the front!

Life is your inspiration.
Be creative – discover the world.

Blurred Lines

A touch of the 80s: this graphic pattern is cooler than ever. The hard cover with a transparent chevron design in green or blue brings you bang up to date. All you need now is the sound of an 80s summer hit – with Blurred Lines, summer can begin!

Live your life.
Be unique and realise yourself.



Trendy. Stylish. Modern – the Design Line takes it further. The smartphone will not only be the trendiest summer accessory with our lifestyle designs, but it now also gets the benefits of fashion: Charging units, vehicle chargers, power packs, audio cables and charging sync cables.

Smartphone accessories in green, blue and pink highlight the style of our covers and cases. How does a pink power pack sound with the delightful polkadot design of “Candy Rain”? Or a blue vehicle charger for the graphic “Blurred Lines”? No matter how you combine the designs – the accessories make the summer careless and breezy, the winter colourful – and always put you in a good mood.