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Hama WiFi Door / Window Contact


WiFi surveillance: the WiFi sensor for doors and windows alerts you via a push notification if anything changes with the window or door setting. You can intervene from anywhere, notify neighbours or even call the police. Feel safe at home and while away from home!

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Smart solutions for your home

Hama WiFi door and window contact

Windows, doors, patio doors or garage doors often provide easy entry points for a burglar. If you do not want to convert your flat, house or property into a loathsome high-security wing, our door and window contact gives you uncomplicated added security without building-related downsides. If windows and doors are opened when nobody is at home, you will receive an alarm notification on your smartphone, enabling you to take rapid action.

Feel safe at home and away

WiFi door and window sensors as a warning system

The current state of windows and doors is displayed on your smartphone by the WiFi sensor using the Hama Smart Home app. If there is a change to this state, you will receive an alarm push notification. The door and window contact, therefore, not only gives you timely information about a possible break-in; the state report also alerts you, for example, if the patio door was inadvertently closed by the cleaning lady so that the dog can no longer go outside while you are out shopping; or if the house sitters have accidentally left a window open while you’re on holiday. You can then sort out these problems by making a simple call. Similarly, you will receive an alarm message if someone tampers with the closed window, or with the door and window sensor itself. You can then notify the police or neighbours in no time at all, and scare away or ideally catch the burglar.

For a more forceful deterrent, you can link the door and window sensor to an alarm siren which is connected using our WiFi socket, for example. In this case, you should note the following: If house sitters, children or dog walkers will be coming into the house and will need to open windows and doors fitted with the contact, you should first disable it for the duration of their presence.

Simply ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Of course, the WiFi contacts can also be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can then simply use a voice command to query the state of all doors and windows fitted with our door and window security devices. The status query works with the following voice command: ‘Alexa/OK Google, is my window/door open/closed?’

Door and window security made easy

simple installation without a hub

Many smart home products require an additional gateway that functions as a transmitter between the wireless network and device. Without this gateway (also bridge or hub), a connection cannot be established between the smartphone/tablet and smart device (smartphone/tablet – WiFi – gateway/bridge – smart device). Here, Hama has a clever and practical solution: The WiFi door and window contact can be installed without a gateway and integrated directly into your wireless network – this simplifies installation and saves additional costs.

The WiFi contact consists of two parts – a sensor and the device itself. For the sensor to respond reliably, you should fit it directly to the window or door frame, and the second part directly to the window. Both must be in line. Drill-free mounting is possible thanks to the adhesive pad. If you prefer to rely on the secure hold of screws, the door and window contact can be screwed on. Once the contact has been mounted, you insert the batteries: The installation now continues step by step.

Quick and easy setup

All you need to set up the WiFi door and window contact is the Hama Smart Home app, which you can download onto your smartphone or tablet for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app makes it easy to connect Hama Smart Home products to your home WiFi network. No expensive additional gateway or hub is required; it simply works with any wireless router.

Create a free account.

Install new devices.

Installing the WiFi door/window contact consists of just a few stages.

Program smart scenes with the door/window contact as release or control the current state (closed/open) via app or voice.

Good news:

All Hama Smart Home products can now be controlled not only with Alexa and the Google Assistant, but also with the voice assistant Siri.

1 Create a scene

The Siri Shortcuts function enables the control of smart scenes that first have to be created. For this purpose, create a scene in the usual way that you want to activate with Siri. The existing process remains unchanged.

2 Open Siri Shortcuts

In the app The overview page displays all set-up scenes. You will find the new ‘Siri Shortcut’ button in the lower right-hand area. Tap the button.

3 Select the scene you want

A page opens, on which you can add your scenes to a Siri Shortcut. To do so, press the plus sign next to the relevant scene.

4 Create a shortcut

You can now create the shortcut. To do so, enter the wording for the command that is to be used to start this scene. If, for example, you have created a scene for a film night and would like to add it to the Siri Shortcuts, a suitable command would be ‘Start the film night’. Once you have tapped ‘Add to Siri’, you can then simply say to Siri, ‘Hey Siri, start the film night’. Siri will then run the ‘Film night’ scene from the Hama Smart Home app.

Additional tip: To control individual devices with Siri, simply create short scenes that are responsible only for switching on, switching off or switching over the individual device, and add them to Siri. ‘Fan on’, ‘Light off’, ‘Hey Siri, see to the light’ – there are no limits to your imagination!

  • Technical Specs
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Colour White
    Product Division Home & Living
    Shade of colour White
    Connectivity (Connection)
    Signal Transmission WiFi
    Physical Properties
    Attachment Adhesive Pad, Screw-On Mounting
    Control Option App
    Material Plastic Material
    Model Door Sensor, Window Sensor
    Voice Assistant Amazon Alexa (AVS)/Apple Siri (Shortcuts)/Google Home
    Battery Type AAA Micro, 1,5V
    Number of Batteries 2
    Power Supply Battery
    Field of Application
    App Control Hama Smart Home
    Recommended Use Home Assistent
  • More product information
    • Magnetic switch for monitoring windows and doors
    • Door / window contact for integration into your own WiFi network via the free "Hama Smart Home" app
    • Works without gateway/bridge
    • Displays the status: Door / window open or closed
    • Status can be checked using voice command, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
    • Built-in manipulation protection
    • Push notification if the status changes or there is an attempted manipulation
    • Low consumption
    • Voltage supply via two batteries (AAA)
  • Description
    • Product Description
      Welcome in the future

      hama Wi-Fi door/ window contact
      smart home Products are finding their way into our home and helping to make everyday life more practical, efficient and sometimes even more entertaining.With the Hama Wi-Fi door-and-window contact you can make your home in a simple but effective way A whole lot safer: the contact is simply attached to windows or doors and after installation, you can always view from your smartphone or tablet whether they are open or closed. This is e.G. Handy if you're on vacation and you're worried that your home might be broken - if the Window or door changes, You can have a push notification sent to your smartphone and ask the neighbor to see if everything is alright.Make your home fit for the future with Hama Smart home Products: trust Hama and count on quality.
      easy installation and control
      the contact is screwed or glued on the inside of the Window or door. After setting up with a free "Hama smart solution" App, you can check at any time on the smartphone whether a particular Window or door is currently open or closed.Alarm messages directly to the smartphone
      the contact has two states: "open" And "closed". Per app, you can specify what happens when the state of the Window or door changes, such as to send a push message to the smartphone. Should someone try to bypass the magnetic sensor by manipulation, e.G. By removing the entire contact, this attempt is also reported directly to you.No stroke necessary
      to use the Hama Wi-Fi door/ window contacts, unlike other smart home Products, no separate hub is required. So you can start immediately after installation and set up the contact via app.the Wi-Fi contact is also suitable for integration into a network of ifttt-capable devices (IFTTT: if this then that - if, then). ideal here is e.G. The combination with a Wi-Fi Thermostat: when the Window is opened for ventilation, The thermostat will shut down the heating - the ideal energy-saving solution. The desired if-then action is set up using a separate IFTTT app.
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 door / window contact
    • 2 batteries (AAA)
    • Installation material (4 screws, 2 adhesive pads)
    • 1 instruction manual
  • System Requirements
    • Operating system: Android 4.3 and iOS 8.0 or later
  • Warranty

    2 years legal warranty only

    Terms of Warranty


 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany