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Hama Smart WLAN Socket, Matter, Voice and App-Controlled, Retrofittable, 3680 W


A WLAN socket for everything: with Matter Smart Home, you can connect the smart home devices of all manufacturers to your WLAN – without the need for a special app. Give devices a smart upgrade and control them conveniently via the smart socket – cleverness for the smart home!

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A power supply unit is plugged into the Hama Smart WLAN Socket
Hama Smart WLAN Socket, Matter, Voice and App-Controlled, Retrofittable, 3680 W

Clever: WLAN socket with Matter Smart Home

Smart retrofitting can be so simple: a WLAN socket makes things smart like never before. TV, standard lamp, fan, radio - easily switch them on or off without having to fumble around behind cabinets, sofas and shelves to reach the switch. And it gets even easier, because our smart socket is equipped with the Matter standard.

Matter standard: smart for all Smart Home devices

Are you a committed Apple fan and use Apple Home? Is Samsung Smart Things your go-to? Is Amazon Alexa your favourite standard? Great news: you can now also use our WLAN socket regardless of your preferred manufacturer. With Matter Smart Home, it doesn't matter which Smart Home system you use - you can set up your smart devices in any app and you don't need any special additional apps. On the smart socket you will find a QR code: you simply need to scan this and the WLAN socket will connect directly to the Matter Smart Home.

Smartphones running iOS operating systems 16.1 and later or Android version 13 or later have this function integrated automatically. Devices and suppliers that have previously worked with a gateway will continue to require this, such as Apple HomePod, Google Nest Hub. The Smart Home devices from Hama of course work gateway-free, as before, so without an additional hub.

  • Smart timer

    In the Smart Home app, you can program your devices via the WLAN socket so that they switch on and off at whatever time or interval you choose without you having to give them another thought.

    • Have there been some break-ins in your neighbourhood while you're on holiday? Then simply set a time interval for the standard lamp and TV on your smartphone from your holiday destination to simulate your presence. So would-be burglars are scared away, even though you're actually lying under a palm tree reading your favourite book.
    • Hot nights and the fan runs and runs and runs ... So to stop you from having to get up in the middle of the night or on a cooler morning to switch it off, you can also use the Smart Home socket as a timer for it. Simply program in the Hama Smart Home app when the fan is to switch on and off - and you can enjoy your cool rooms without having to think about it any more.
    • In a very classical way, lamps and so on that are connected to the WLAN socket can also be linked to sunrise or sunset: at sunrise, the Christmas light chain in the window switches off, and just in time for sunset, the Christmas lights shine bright again - and all totally dynamically, depending on your smartphone location.
  • Smart support for energy saving

    Once electrical devices are switched on, they usually stay that way even though you don't actually need them. Maybe you're grabbing a quick snack between episodes while watching TV - but the lamp in the kitchen is still on long after you've digested your snack. You actually only need the standard lamp behind the sofa for reading, but when you switch the TV on, the standard lamp remains switched on. And usually, you're already too comfortable to get up and switch the lights off. Well now you don't have to! Just grab your mobile phone and switch the light off or issue a voice command via Amazon Alexa, for example. Done and dusted, and no energy wasted. The WLAN socket can also be controlled via the app while you're out and about if you forgot to switch a device off, for instance. Conveniently save energy with the smart socket.

  • Radio-controlled socket deluxe

    Whether by app or voice control, and no matter which voice assistant you prefer - with the WLAN socket, you can conveniently manage connected devices via remote control. So if you don't want to get up off the sofa to switch the TV on and the standard lamp off, simply tell Alexa what to do or do it via the app on your mobile phone or tablet. Since the smart version of the radio-controlled socket is not limited to a specific range, you can also control the socket while you're out and about via your mobile phone, whether it be while you're on the bus on the way home or soaking up some rays in Spain. This makes the smart socket a huge help to the elderly or people with physical disabilities too. If you're not so good on your feet, are sick or injured, then devices and lights can still be controlled from your bed and sofa. Smart right down the line!

Smart power

The WLAN socket supports up to 3680 W - which means your powerful devices can be controlled without any problems or danger. If you use powerful spotlights around your home or use growth lamps to grow your plants, then this Smart Home socket is perfect for you. Devices that remain in standby, like a TV and also some washing machines, can also be switched off completely with the smart socket.

Control the smart socket via the app

When it's 40 degrees in the shade, is it too hot for you to even get up to switch the fan on? If so, use the Hama Smart Home app and stay cool with just a swipe. It is just as easy to set a time control via the app - i.e. when exact;y the fan should switch on and off.

Control the smart socket via voice

Are you snuggling up at home for a wellness weekend and it's time for some relaxing water splashing while the face mask takes effect? Then a brief voice command is all it takes to switch the indoor fountain on and immerse yourself in relaxation. Had enough splashing? Simply switch the indoor fountain off again in the same way, e.g. by asking Alexa to do it.

Get creative with the Hama Smart Home app

Have you acquired a smart taste and the WLAN control of one device is no longer enough for you? With the Hama Smart Home app, you can link all Hama Smart Home products together and thus create scenes and automations. In addition to extraordinary effects, simple, everyday actions can also be automated with Smart Home systems.

Scenes and automations make your everyday life so much more beautiful and comfortable - try it out for yourself, there are no limits to your imagination.

Scenes for a more beautiful life

Create an atmospheric lighting ambience with a TV and WLAN socket in combination with a smart WLAN LED lamp: when you switch the TV on via the smart socket, the WLAN LED lamp in the living room is automatically dimmed and the series binge-watching can begin.

Automations with other Smart Home products

Pure atmosphere: connect a standard lamp to the WLAN socket. Whenever you dim the standard lamp, the smart garden spotlight on the lawn starts its magical light show in the evening.

Compatibility: versatile networking

Hama's Smart Home products are compatible with Alexa, OK Google and Siri Shortcuts. Expand your Smart Home with different products, enjoy full functionality and create a wide variety of scenes and automations.


Geofencing makes smart control of the smart socket even easier: all you need is the location function of your smartphone to switch the WLAN socket on and off if you are within a radius that you define (at least 100 m) of your property when entering or leaving.


Matter Smart Home Standard

It doesn't matter: with the Matter Smart Home standard, you can connect the WLAN socket, regardless of the manufacturer, to any Matter-compatible app, such as Alexa, Apple Home or Google Home - so you can control smart devices around the home with even more convenience

Easy installation via QR code

Scan and go: see how easy a smart home can be - scan the QR code with a smartphone and the WLAN socket is automatically incorporated into the Matter smart home

Time control made easy

Programmable smart home socket = timer: you can switch light chains, standard lamps, TVs, etc. on and off at defined times whenever you want or even match them with the sunrise or sunset - simply set it up via the app and you no longer have to think about them

Save energy in the smart home

Save energy the smart way: with the smart socket, you can specifically control your electrical devices either through automation in the app or spontaneously from wherever you are, ensuring you only use that power when it's needed

Remote control via app and voice command

Whether it be the sofa, beach bed or office: with the Hama Smart Home app or voice commands through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri, you can control the smart socket more conveniently from anywhere than with a radio remote control


Powerful, intelligent socket: suitable for all devices up to 3680 Watts - whether they be decorative lighting, fans or entertainment electronics

Extremely compact design

Space-saving and intelligent: the extremely compact design of the Smart socket integrates perfectly in confined spaces, since the space-saving construction does not cover any adjacent or sockets

Smart Home without a gateway

Our WLAN socket works without any gateway (hub): you don't need an additional device, and you save on extra costs since the socket establishes a direct WiFi connection to the router

Can be extended at will with other Smart Home products

Step by step to the Smart Home: with the Hama Smart Home app, you can expand and network your smart home with any number of Hama Smart Home products

  • Technical Specs
    Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)
    Colour White
    Shade of colour White
    Connectivity (Connection)
    Connection Socket with Earth Contact
    Power connector plug type Type E+F (CEE 7/7)
    Signal Transmission WiFi
    Electrospecific Properties
    Frequency 2.4 GHz
    Switching Capacity 3680 W
    Physical Properties
    Ambient Temperature during Operation ca. 0°C to ca. +35°C
    IP protection class IP20 (Dry Rooms)
    Maximum Load 3680 W
    Special Feature Matter compatible
    Voice Assistant Amazon Alexa/Apple Siri/Google Home
    Size & Weight
    Depth 5.5 cm
    Height 7.7 cm
    Width 5.5 cm
    Standby Consumption ≤ 0.5 W
    Field of Application
    App Control Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home, Hama Smart Home, Matter, SmartThings
    Recommended Use Home Assistent
  • More product information
    • Retrofit smart the smart way: with the smart socket, quickly and easily convert your home into a smart home and switch electrical devices such as standard lamps, Christmas lights and stereo systems conveniently off and on via the app or voice command
    • High compatibility: this WLAN socket connects via the Matter smart home standard with all compatible smart home systems, e.g. Apple Home, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Home Assistant and Smart Life
    • Create groups, scenes and automations that make your life easier and more beautiful with other smart devices integrated into the WLAN
    • You are kept informed at all times about the current status of the devices connected to the WLAN socket via the app or push notification
    • Manual switch: socket can also be switched off and on directly by hand
    • With increased protection against accidental contact
    • Your data is stored exclusively on German servers
  • What's in the Box
    • 1 smart WLAN socket
    • 1 QR setup code for sticking up
    • 1 quick reference guide
  • System Requirements
    • Operating system: Android 6.0/iOS 16.3 or later
  • Note for Consumers

    Gateway-free only when used in the Hama Smart Home app.
    Note the requirements if other manufacturers are used.

 In-house test and quality seal
, QC passed by Hama Germany